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Brain Health Initiative

Thinking ahead to maintain cognitive vitality

Maintaining brain health helps reduce your risk of suffering from a brain disease. Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is developing the Brain Health Initiative, an interactive program that helps you reduce risk and enhance your lifestyle. It also provides the tools for early detection and allows you to take steps for early intervention if needed.

Step 1: Dementia Risk Factor Evaluation
This online self-assessment tool is used to identify risk factors, measure cognitive status, evaluate mood and track progress over time. It's available at your convenience wherever there is internet access. A baseline Brain Health index system is under development.

Step 2: Brain Health Improvement Program
Once you've submitted your initial assessment, a customized recommendation will be created based on your individual profile. Feedback, information and alerts will be sent to you using the brain health technology platform, including:

  • Reminders to exercise
  • Menu ideas for brain healthy food
  • Information on dietary supplements
  • Tips on stress reduction and sleep management

For more information
Please contact us at 855.LOU.RUVO or to learn more about the Brain Health Initiative.