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Trials In Patient Care

Access the newest treatments and make a difference in your life (and in the lives of others).

At Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, the most promising treatments available can also be part of your ongoing care. Participation in trials is free and open to eligible individuals regardless of whether they or any family members are patients at the center. As a participant in a clinical trial, you will receive regular assessments by healthcare professionals who specialize in memory and movement disorders.

Participation in trials at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is, of course, voluntary. However, patients and family members often participate in order to:

  • Access new drug treatments before they become widely available
  • Take a proactive approach to a disease that is affecting their family
  • Be a part of discovering improved treatments or a cure

Find out about trials currently enrolling at Cleveland Clinic. For more information on the benefits of participating in a clinical trial, please visit

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