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Clark County Alzheimer's Action Network (CCAAN)

The Clark County Alzheimer's Action Network (CCAAN) is made up of a diverse group of government, private sector, nonprofit, academia and advocacy organizations who are involved in public health and, in particular, Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The group has held a series of meetings to address Alzheimer's disease in Southern Nevada and explore ways to improve the quality of care and life for patients and their caregivers who are affected by this disease. By forging cooperative relationships and developing joint projects with a diverse array of service providers, CCAAN seeks to create an inclusive strategy to address the overwhelming need for an Alzheimer's disease-focused continuum of care.

CCAAN's goal is to make Alzheimer's disease and other dementias a community priority by:

  • Driving awareness of Alzheimer's disease to increase community focus and actions.
  • Empowering Alzheimer's providers to recognize and deliver an Alzheimer's-centered continuum of care.
  • Serving as a catalyst to create a robust, interconnected Alzheimer's providers community and strengthen the health professional network to ensure that Clark County residents impacted by Alzheimer's receive the best care, support, and access to research.

CCAAN participants include: