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Caregivers & Community

Offering education, therapeutic and support programs for patients, families and the community

Before the Cure, There are Caregivers®

In addition to raising funds for world-class medical care and research, philanthropy also supports Cleveland Clinic Nevada’s caregiver and community programs. These programs are designed to aid patients, caregivers and the community as they navigate the extraordinary challenges of brain disorders.

At Cleveland Clinic Nevada, we hear over and over again, “I was surprised to discover I had become a caregiver.” 

Many individuals with a brain disorder need help with daily activities and interactions. If you’re close to someone in this situation, in some way your own life and responsibilities are also being affected — physically, emotionally, socially or economically. The most effective care partners are well informed and use help and support from all available resources to ensure they don’t sacrifice their own well-being during their caregiving journey. 

We’re here to help as you strive to find a new sense of balance and as you learn to manage different stressors while maximizing quality of life in the face of the new challenges and opportunities caregiving presents. Unanticipated as it might have been, the good news is that many find joy and fulfillment in continuing to care for their loved ones.

Before there’s a cure, there’s a caregiver®.

Caregiver Support

24/7 Resource: Lynne Ruffin-Smith e-Library

We know all too well that the job of a caregiver is 24/7, with no vacation or sick days. That’s why our Lynne Ruffin-Smith e-Library meets individuals where they are, when they’re ready, with online books and resource materials.

Caregiver Support

Support & Therapy

Caregiving can be isolating, but you’re not alone. Meet with others coping with similar experiences, under the guidance of trained therapists, social workers and facilitators.





Our ONLINE educational programs are available to the entire community at no cost, thanks to generous support from engaged and impassioned donors. These programs are designed to increase knowledge, coping skills and a sense of well-being for families affected by brain disorders.


art therapy

Art & Music Programs

Art offers conversational and creative outlets to those affected by brain disorders. Thanks to philanthropic support from the artistic community, Keep Memory Alive® offers several inspiring art programs for patients and their caregivers.

Healthy Brains 6 pillars

Healthy Brains

The Cleveland Clinic Healthy Brains check-up is an online self-assessment tool and is simple and easy to do.

library programming

Free ONLINE Educational, Therapeutic & Support Events

Thanks to philanthropic support, we offer free online programs daily to help patients and families learn from others who have traveled the journey of brain disease.


Meet Our First Caregiver

“He thought I was his mother and I’d say, ‘I’m your wife. You married me,’ but I soon realized it was easier to just go along with whatever he said,” says Angie Ruvo.

At Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, “that’s exactly what we tell our caregivers today: ‘Don’t argue, just go with it,’” says Lucille Carriere, PhD, the inaugural Angie Ruvo Endowed Caregiving Chair.


Memories are precious, help us preserve them.