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Caregiver Education

Knowledge is Power

A diagnosis of a brain disorder is sure to prompt scores of questions as patients and families come to grips with an uncertain future. Knowledge is the key not only to deeper understanding of the challenges they face but to personal empowerment as well. That’s why grants and gifts to Keep Memory Alive support no-cost education programming for patients, families, caregivers and the entire community. 

These services are designed to inform, enlighten and entertain. Moreover, they can reduce the sense of isolation that individuals often feel by bringing together groups of patients and family members who are on the same journey.

You're Always Welcome

Among the education programs we offer are:

  • Barbara “Spicy Lady” Edmonds Lunch & Learn, a free weekly program for patients, caregivers and family members that explores the varied facets of living with a brain disorder. Topics have spanned neurodegenerative disease, legal and financial guidance, sleep and aging, and research updates. Meets from noon to 1 p.m. each Wednesday. No reservations needed. Past Lunch & Learn programs can be viewed here.
  • Lynne Ruffin-Smith Library, a specialized lending library with one of the largest collections of community resources among outpatient facilities. The library is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Contact the library at 702.483.6033 or
  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers, a free, six-week, peer-to-peer class led by family caregivers that teaches participants how to practice self-care and to identify helpful resources for managing the stress of caregiving.
  • Healthier Living, a free, six-week workshop that helps caregivers who are themselves living with a chronic condition such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or high blood pressure to set and achieve goals to enhance personal health and well-being.

To learn when the next series of Powerful Tools for Caregivers or Healthier Living is scheduled or to register, call 702.778.6702 or email        

lunch-and-learnCheck out our events & programs calendar to see the schedule of future programs and events.  You can also receive a monthly email update on our free education programming by contacting us at

All these programs are open to the public. Everyone is welcome, regardless of where an individual is receiving treatment. Reservations are rarely required, except where specified. For most programs, all you need is the desire to learn.

We’re here to help because we understand that before the cure, there are caregivers®.



Wondering How to Maximize Your Relationship with the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health? 

With advice from patients and families for the benefit of yours, we developed Reacquaint With Ruvo: A Resource Refresher for Patients, Families, Friends and Caregivers. Visit our events & programs calendar to see when the next session is being held live in Las Vegas. Or, watch any time from the comfort of home via our convenient online video series: it's as easy as clicking on the links below! 


Join Us

These programs exist because of generous donors to Keep Memory Alive, who make gifts of all sizes, as well as grants from the State of Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division. If you’d like to sponsor a particular program, call 702.263.9797 or email Learn more about how you can get involved.