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The Lynne Ruffin-Smith Library

Imagine that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder. Once this brutal fact sinks in, what’s your next move?

Dylan Wint, MD, Las Vegas Legacy Neuroscience Education Chair, hopes you go back to school — figuratively. Dr. Wint routinely urges patients and caregivers to learn as much as they can. He places education among an array of nonmedical tactics that constitute a core part of treatment and lead to better outcomes.

Cleveland Clinic Nevada providers discuss the impact on patients of being homebound due to COVID-19 and how philanthropy can ease the burden.

Our Free e-Library Contains the Knowledge You Need to Be Poweful

The Lynne Ruffin-Smith e-Library is a great place to find out about the brain conditions treated at Cleveland Clinic Nevada. 

In addition to those who are homebound and appreciate the convenience of 24/7 access to a world of information, many are long-distance caregivers seeking to understand what a loved one faraway might be experiencing. 


Feel free to browse our e-Library . If you want to check out materials, you’ll need an e-Library card number. To obtain your card number, contact the library at 702.483.6033 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or anytime at

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Should you visit our Las Vegas campus, we also have a physical library: Don’t leave without checking out a book!

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Among the scheduled education programs we offer ONLINE are:

  • Barbara “Spicy Lady” Edmonds Lunch & Learn, a weekly program for patients, caregivers and family members that explores the varied facets of living with a brain disorder.
  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers, a peer-to-peer class led by family caregivers that teaches participants how to practice self-care and to identify helpful resources for managing the stress of caregiving.
  • Healthier Living, a workshop that helps caregivers who are themselves living with a chronic condition such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or high blood pressure to set and achieve goals to enhance personal health and well-being. 

Check out our program calendar to see the schedule of upcoming ONLINE education, therapeutic and support programs, and events you can access from anywhere. You can also receive a monthly email update on our free education programming by contacting us at

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These programs exist because of generous donors to Keep Memory Alive® who make gifts of all sizes, as well as grants from the state of Nevada’s Aging and Disability Services Division. If you’d like to sponsor a particular program, call 702.263.9797 or email

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