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Dementia Friendly Southern Nevada

Shaping a Caring Community

Imagine having Alzheimer’s disease and struggling to navigate in your community. Suddenly, the routine stops you always took for granted – at the bank, the grocery store, the hair salon, your favorite restaurant – become daunting. How do you deposit a check, follow a grocery list, order from a menu? So many roadblocks, so few resources.

Dementia Friendly Southern Nevada (DFSN), which kicked off in September 2016, aims to foster a dementia-friendly community to improve the quality of life for affected residents. This goal represents a fundamental shift from simply focusing on meeting the core medical needs of individuals with dementia toward helping them live full, productive lives in the communities where they reside.


Service Without Stigma

The kickoff of this initiative at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health drew more than 70 supporters, including senators, judges, congressional assistants, mayors and center Director Jeffrey Cummings, MD, ScD. We are proud to facilitate the initiative, though we do not “own” it.

DFSN seeks to instill an understanding in Southern Nevada businesses and institutions of the challenges that individuals with dementia face so they can access vital services easily and without shame, stigma or exploitation. Community sectors that are already participating include care partners, community services, healthcare and government. DFSN also plans to enlist legal and financial stakeholders, faith-based groups, and businesses such as casinos, beauty shops, restaurants and shopping centers. 

After all, it’s the everyday things that matter most if individuals with dementia and their care partners are to realize better, more fulfilling lives.

Add Your Voice

DFSN holds monthly meetings at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and has been convening caregiver focus groups throughout the valley as it addresses the issue of access to memory care and dementia-focused services. Want to get involved in a worthy cause? Dementia Friendly Southern Nevada would like to hear from you.  Visit the DFSN website or contact Emily Strickler at 702.685.7072 or