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People often say to us, “If there’s no cure for brain disorders, and if there are no treatments to reverse the progress of these horrific diseases, what’s the point? Why should I do anything?” Our aim is to educate and advocate for our community to take action and address modifiable threats to brain health while promoting ways to maximize the quality of life for individuals and families who are already living with brain disease. Together, we can create a brain span that matches our lifespan.

Participate in Clinical Trials

Become a citizen scientist. We can’t say when the cure will be found, but we know we need everyone’s participation to get there. Whether as a “normal control” or someone on the spectrum of brain disease, learn how you can help. 

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Alzheimer's and Cognitive Disorders

Increasing age is the leading risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, which is just one of the dementias Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health treats. There’s not much you can do about getting older, but we can help you get wiser about brain disease.


Parkinson's and Movement Disorders

A disorder doesn’t have to be a disabler. Learn how the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health helps patients and families move in the right direction to manage Parkinson’s disease and more.


Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system in which nerve damage disrupts communication between brain and body. We can help you increase your understanding of MS, and what the options are.   

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Healthy Brains Initiative

Get to know the Six Pillars of Brain Health. Learn six ways you can reduce your risk of brain disease. It’s called a “modifiable risk” for a reason. Take action with our free online tool. You can do this!

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Elaine Pienschke
It IS Brain Science, After All

As a society, we often dismiss simple concepts by saying, “It’s not brain science, after all!” Here at Keep Memory Alive, it IS brain science. And researching it is expensive. But if we had a dollar for every time someone said, “It’s not brain science, after all,” we might already have a cure.

Your dollar can make a difference.

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