Keep Memory Alive Charity Poker Tournament Rules


  1. Players must be at least 21 years of age with valid and current government issued identification. The entry fee is $500, and may be paid via cash, credit card, or check directly made to Keep Memory Alive. Player must provide their current government issued identification and form of payment at registration.
  2. Table and seat assignments will be randomly drawn during Tournament Registration on Friday, September 27.                                            
  3. Substitute Players are prohibited.
  4. Players must report with their seating cards to the Tournament Area 10 minutes prior to the start of the Tournament.
  5. Player’s Chips will be in play at the start of the Tournament and blinds will be posted for any Player not in their seat. If all chips are gone before a Player arrives at the table or they arrive after the end of level 8, they will be eliminated.
  6. Tournament Official(s) will maintain the balance of each table by moving or disbanding tables/players as necessary. Tournament Official(s) will make reasonable efforts, but are not required, to see that each table has an equal number of Players.
  7. Players will start with 5,000 in Tournament Chips.
  8. The dealer will deal the button by starting from seat one. Following immediately from the button, in a clockwise position, is the small blind, and immediately after is the big blind. Each bet will continue in a clockwise position until all Players have acted.
  9. At the beginning of each level, new blinds will be introduced and posted in plain view of the tables.
  10. Each bet must be equal to or greater than the big blind for each hand.
  11. Every raise or re-raise must be equal to or greater than the amount of the previous bet or raise.
  12. Players have the option of betting all-in at any time on their turn.
  13. Each level will last 15 minutes. There is no maximum number of levels and play will continue until there is one Player remaining.
  14. Players must present a valid and current government-issued identification to rebuy.
  15. Unlimited $250 or $500 rebuys may be purchased for an additional 2,500 or 5,000 in Tournament Chips any time a Player’s chip count is 5,000 or less for the first 2 hours of play. A $250 rebuy will get the player 2,500 in Tournament Chips. A $500 rebuy will get the player 5,000 in Tournament Chips.
  16. A one-time $500 or $750 add-on may be purchased for an additional 5,000 or 10,000 in Tournament Chips at the conclusion of Level 8. A $500 Add-on will get the player 5,000 in Tournament Chips. A $750 Add-on will get the player 10,000 in Tournament Chips.
  17. Deck changes will be on the dealer push or limit changes and/or at the sole and absolute discretion of the Tournament Official. Players may not request deck changes unless a card is damaged.
  18. A Player who exposes their cards during play may be penalized at the discretion of the Tournament Official.
  19. No string betting is allowed. All bets, raises and re-raises must be completed in one motion; any subsequent motions will be considered as prohibited string betting. If a Player continues to string bet after receiving a warning from the Tournament Official, a penalty may be issued.
  20. The Tournament Officials will be responsible for the timer, table, seat, and dealer decisions. All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules, eligibility, disputes, etc. lie solely with the Tournament Officials, whose decision will be final.
  21. Players will be eliminated from play at the Final Table as they lose their chips/bust. The final Player with all the chips will be the 1st place winner. If more than one Player is eliminated on the same hand, the Player(s) with the highest chip count at the start of the hand will be awarded the highest prize.
  22. Smoking of any kind is not permitted in the Tournament Area or anywhere on the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health property.
  23. Tournament Chips may not be removed from the table, exchanged, borrowed, or loaned between Players. Players must keep their chips in full view in front of them and separated by denomination during play.
  24. The Tournament uses official terminology of tournament poker. These official terms are simple, unmistakable, time-honored declarations like: bet, call, fold, check, all-in, pot (in pot-limit only), and complete. The use of non-standard language is at Player’s risk because it may result in a ruling other than what the Player intended. It is the responsibility of Players to make their intentions clear.
  25. No profanity or obnoxious behavior will be tolerated during the Tournament.
  26. Pacific Standard Time is the time for the Tournament. The Tournament date is September 27, 2019.
  27. Players will not be allowed to discuss betting strategy with other Players during play. The official language is English. No conversations in any other language will be allowed unless through an official representative. No conversation either verbal or visual will be permitted between Players and spectators.
  28. The published prize structure is final. Any agreements between Players concerning the sharing of any Prizes are entered into solely by the Players and are not endorsed by Keep Memory Alive or the Tournament Officials.
  29. In case of dispute, it is the Player’s responsibility to bring it to the attention of the Tournament Official immediately before the dealer begins the new hand and/or prior to leaving the table. Any potential dispute arising during the Tournament but not brought to the attention of the Tournament Official(s) shall be deemed waived. The decision of the Tournament Official(s) is final.
  30. All penalties, disqualifications, exclusions, re-draws, and any other action taken by the Tournament Official, shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the Tournament Official. Failure to adhere to any rule may result in elimination from the Tournament.
  31. By participating in this Tournament, Players agree to be bound by these Tournament Rules.
  32. Keep Memory Alive management reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel any part of this Tournament at its sole and absolute discretion and without prior notice.