VIP Visitors

Our Doors Are Open

Keep Memory Alive has been honored to host a steady stream of internationally known visitors, from former presidents, to sitting senators, to renowned healthcare and corporate leaders, to sports and entertainment royalty, to culinary titans at the top of their game.

When they tour our campus, these VIPs often share stories of people in their lives who battle the diseases treated at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Listening to their experiences, it becomes clear that in the face of devastating illness and loss, these individuals, superstars in their respective fields, feel as vulnerable and powerless as everyone confronting the same challenges feels.

And, like so many others, they fight back by engaging with us. They support us with generous gifts that help fund vital programs and services, including the research that will lead us to the cures we seek. Our celebrity entertainers and chefs deploy the talents they honed onstage and in their restaurants to make every Keep Memory Alive event, especially the annual Power of Love® gala, a smashing success.

Every Donor Helps 

We are grateful for the support of every donor, from the VIP who makes a large gift to the school child who sends a few pennies. Their contributions are equally meaningful to patients and families. 

That’s why our doors are open to anyone who wishes to tour our campus. To get acclimated before you arrive, browse our visitor information and take a virtual tour of our iconic building. Then, to see the real thing, contact Volunteer Services or 702.331.7046.