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A Penny for Your Thoughts®

Small change adds up to big differences.

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A Penny For Your Thoughts is an exciting fundraising campaign that helps fund caregiver support programs. In addition, the program engages students in philanthropy and teaches the importance of supporting research and treatment for those suffering from brain diseases.

On Friday, November 8, 2019, seven Las Vegas schools are participating in the Miracle Minute Challenge. Getting involved is easy, just follow the five easy steps below!

  1. Sign Up: When you're ready to jump in please call 702.263.9797 or email
              TIP #1: Your school can choose to fundraise during the any month of the year so select one where you know you'll see success!

    Kids at Penny for your Thoughts

  2. Collect Change: Challenge all students and all classes to collect change throughout a selected week. Encourage students to look for loose change in their pockets, couches and cars. We will provide a flyer that can be posted and passed out to your classmates to explain the fundraising initiative, or you can create your own.
              TIP #2: Offer a prize to the winning team or class, like an ice cream or pizza party.

    Penny for your Thoughts team shirt
  3. Challenge Day: On your selected date, create your own hype and schedule an exciting assembly to collect all the change from each classroom at one time, or simply collect the change in the front office during a certain class period.
              TIP #3: Raise the stakes and challenge any and all neighboring schools and go head-to-head to see who will be crowned the fundraising champion.

  4. Count the Change: When you are ready to count your change, have a school administrator reach out to the Keep Memory Alive team. Our team will assist with scheduling a time at your nearest Stations Casino property to count the change your school raises. Once counted, the cashier will give you a receipt and cash for the total amount.
              TIP #4: We suggest utilizing a new trash bin and adhering wheels to the bottom, or simply using a cart with a plastic bin to collect all the loose change. This will make it easy to transport for counting!

    Counting change
  1. Donate to Keep Memory Alive: Deposit the amount counted into your school’s bank account. You can donate either online at org/pennies, or send a check made out to Keep Memory Alive to 888 W. Bonneville Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89106.

    To get started, please call: 702.263.9797 or email